Being Cool is So Fucking Expensive <3

Being cool is sooooo fucking expensive. All I want is a pair of birkenstocks but they are sooooo expensive (but so cool). Hi, my name is Janet and I’m the third roommate. I am broke with expensive taste and I’m a slut. I am NOT a feminist. I just want to marry rich and do dishes (sometimes). I’m currently saving up for my fourth boob job but I spent all my change on buying a piggy bank made of carrot gold. I fuck guys sometimes. They give me money for my boob job. And meth. I occasionally smoke meth. but it ruined all my teeth so I replaced all my teeth with carrot gold teeth. I’m so smart. I’m a pre-med student (more like pre-meth). Sorry, I need to go smoke some meth. Ttyl.

Love, Janet

xxoo (blow jobs and tittie fucks)




The Communal Blackboard

Our kitchen blackboard serves as a communal message board for important topics. Notably the theme of immature humor for the week. This week: TINDER.



Tinder is a barrel of fun. Great for moving on from dysfunctional relationships and meeting flings and, most importantly, and our apartment’s biggest pastime, judging people.