Back in Action 

Hi again! Long time no see… But good news! Clairika is back in action, with shitty jokes, LOTS of drinking games, hilarious lifestories (how does this shit happen to us?!) and so much more! Say hello to your favorite college disasters,  the dynamic duo Claire and Erika! 

Tequila and kisses, Clairika ✨


Clairika Takes on the Kitchen!

Claire and I decided we really want to try and be healthier this term! This means making more meals and less ramen…. So we started tonight! Now that it’s just the two of us, we can share groceries more and make mostly communal meals 🙂 We started with vegan chili, with a recipe I found online. (Pinterest is a godsend)

It turned out REALLY WELL!!! Here’s the link to the recipe:

I highly recommend it! We took out the chiles and added celery 🙂 it says it serves 6, but Claire, Allen, and I have over half left over.

Here’s to a healthy term (mentally and physically)! ❤️ Erika