We get pumped for Halloween here. We’re already knee-deep in planning our costumes (or I am, at any rate). So far I’ve already planned a Bonnie and Clyde for Friday night with my devilishly handsome boyfriend, Allen,


and an Anna and Elsa for a Saturday night Halloweekend party with our honorary roommate, Erika (@erikabearika). Planning has included a Frozen drinking game where singing along and wearing crowns are mandatory and drinking occurs with every mention of “love” or “snow” (there are a lot).

This is the spitting image of Erika and me once we’re in costume.

-Claire (or Elsa, either way)


Shanah Tovah

Happy New Year!

Rosh Hashanah is the one time of the year I go to synagogue. I can say a grand total of 10 words in Hebrew, but I do love that most Jewish holidays revolve around food. I slept through services this morning, but the apartment is celebrating today appropriately with apples and honey.

I can’t wait for the apartment’s inaugural Chanukah latkes and Passover seder; two more holidays I observe for the sake of delicious traditional food.

But today our celebrating isn’t extending beyond the couch and Thai delivery from 2 blocks away. Or in Hazel’s case, taking shots by 3pm. The appropriate way to ring in the new year for a couple of raging atheists.


l’shanah tovah,